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As with every weight loss program you have to build a solid foundation. Your plan has to be based on what works in the real world. And you have to set realistic goals. 

I’m going to show you that in the beginning the human race was only able to eat food that was good for them. Foods that improved their health. Foods that kept them healthy, trim and slim. 

Then at some point in time things went terribly wrong. This is the point in time when foods like carbohydrates, starches, grains and especially sugars entered our diet. And I will show you what is so wrong with our diet and the types of food specifically that are making us sick and fat. 

There actually was a period in time when the majority of the people were fit and trim. Obesity hardly existed at that point in time. You may have guessed that this time period was known as the Paleolithic era or what is more commonly known as the caveman time or the stone ages. 

This is when mankind lived as hunter gatherers. This is the period of time where we traveled across the globe as groups of people who basically hunted and trapped animals, they finished and they gathered nuts and seeds to vegetables and berries in order to survive. 

Humans were living as they were made to be. They were eating with the arraignment eat. Our bodies adapted to the environment and we were eating back then in harmony with our environment, with our world. From most records it seems quite clear that the diseases of obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and almost every other type of serious illness of today’s society to exist and didn’t come until world our world until we started being a mostly agricultural type of people. 

This is when the carbohydrates and sugars were introduced to the diet of mankind. This is when we started eating grains, wheat, white bread that has no nutritional value in all and potatoes and this evolved into us eventually eating foods that are manufactured in a lab in some research facility and then manually produced on a processing line. 

These foods are totally man-made and have no nutritional value at all. The only thing they provide to us is starchy carbohydrates, and sugar and this overabundance of processed foods and sugar in our diet is what’s making us sick and fat and killing us. 

You might think this is crazy but giving a piece of white bread to a human child is just like giving a Snickers bar to a gorilla. It doesn’t quite make sense but this is what we are feeding our children and ourselves each and every day of our lives. 

If you look at the statistics of today’s world the majority of food I would say at least 70% of the types of foods that are eaten today are primarily cereals, grains, sodas, dressings, sugar, candy and dairy products. And if you take a close look at the stone each type of diet none of these things existed. And all of these foods that make up probably 70% of our diet nowadays is what’s making us sick and making us fat. 

Sadly to be totally frank with you as we increase the amount of carbohydrates, grains and sugars, man-made sugars we are also increasing the chances of us becoming obese and sick. Now some might argue that even the hunter gatherers ate quite a bit of nuts roots and leafy greens. 

And this may be true but I must point out to you that even though these are carbohydrates they do not raise your sugar and insulin levels as quickly as a candy bar does. 

They are natural they existed on this planet for us to consume and to sustain us in a healthy way of life. But even eating too much of these things especially knots can cause us to become overweight. 

So we want to be sure to keep things like your nuts and seeds to a modest amount of consumption. Sadly with the advancement of technology in us becoming a farming type of nation our consumption of sugar type products spiked and continues to evolve into new products that are totally man-made and totally give us nothing but sickness and obesity and provide no type of good nutrition for us. 

If you look into the research by scientists who study the evolution of humans over the course of centuries her body is still not evolved to where we can process these sugars and carbohydrates properly. To this day our go to eating paln should primarily be proteins, healthy fats and leafy green vegetables and a modest amount of nuts and seeds. 

And I’m not going to get into the fact that we should definitely not be eating ice cream, candy bars nor should we be drinking soda that is nothing but chemicals and sugar. 

If you just look at the way our food is made you will discover that the food we nowadays does nothing but make us sick and fat. 

If you look at the way flour and sugar our made, it’s made by a process called refining and this basically removes all the fiber and all the nourishment, the minerals the nutrients the vitamins from these food products. The end result is just sugar. 

Now this definitely makes the cookies and cakes and pastries nice and sweet tasting and they look very pretty but sadly they just make us fat and they just make a sick and this is not a good thing. I

f you look at the records of society as the types of foods like this increase in consumption society just became fatter, more obese and more sick. Just look at the diseases of today’s society. 

Let’s look at cancer let’s look at diabetes. Both of these illnesses, these diseases have just gotten worse and worse in our world today. And I’m sure most of you are wondering why and here is my idea actually not just my idea there have been clinical studies that have proven this. Sugar is one of the primary culprits for most illnesses and diseases in the world today. S

ugar causes us to be weight loss resistant also known as insulin resistant and insulin resistant basically means that your body has to produce more insulin when you are eating things that contain a lot of carbohydrates and a lot of sugar. With this type of insulin resistant your insulin levels are elevated most of the time and this burns her body. 

Clinical studies of shown that insulin actually stimulates the growth of cancer. Yes you read right insulin stimulates the growth of cancer and to make it even worse when scientists are doing these studies on cancer they actually feed them sugar, they feed them glucose in order to keep them alive and you have to feed them insulin. 

So basically sugar and insulin together are steroids for cancer development in your body. So the obvious fix for this would be to do a diet we are eating no sugar, no starchy carbohydrates never find carbohydrates and lots of good healthy fats. So this implies that if you stay away from the refined sugar and carbohydrates you should be healthy. 

Please come back soon for more sciaence based facts for losing weight and iproving your health.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Philadelphia Diet Doctor's Plan for Fast Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight following the traditional diet plans of counting calories is going to lead you to nothing but failure. To truly lose weight and improve your health you have to set aside everything that you have been taught about nutrition and everything that you think is the right thing to do. I have consulted with hundreds of people and help them in losing weight and the majority of them never come to me saying that they are eating wrong. Somehow they all seem to be eating right but they are just getting fatter and more sick. 

And even though everything that I am teaching them is based on pure science they still have a difficult time accepting that everything that they have been told about nutrition is totally wrong. When they finally accept the science that I present to them they start losing weight and they actually get healthier. 

For now I’m going to ask you to set aside everything that you have read in the book, everything that you have seen on television and everything that you have seen online. I am going to ask you to read this information with an open mind and realize that everything that I’m going to tell you here is based on pure science. It’s based on biochemistry and our body’s physiology. 

What I’m going to tell you should hopefully lead you to optimal health and weight loss. I will show you how certain foods actually will force your body to gain weight and to hold onto body fat. I will also show you a few simple changes that you can make in order to help your body start burning fat and losing weight. Depending on how much weight you need to lose people I follow my program can lose anywhere from 2 – 5 pounds per week and some could even lose more than that.. 

Let’s begin our journey to improving your health, wellness and your physical appearance. Remember in this program calories do not matter it’s all about the type of food that you’re eating and the hormonal or chemical reaction that they cause in your body. Here we go! I’ve been very fortunate to come upon the situations in life that have enabled me to be successful and healthy and because of  this I would like to help as many people as possible. My goal is to show everyone that they can have the body that the desire in the can be as healthy as they want to be just by eating the right types of foods. 

My goal is not only to help you lose weight but also to improve your health and your quality of life. My goal is the stop everyone from the yo-yo dieting that is so rampant in today’s society. My goal is to stop everyone for following these crazy diets that do nothing but have them lose weight for short-term and then they knowingly gain the weight back that they lost but they  gain back even more weight than they initially lost. 

Personally I more so than everyone else have experienced the struggle with being fat and overweight.  as a child my family ate mostly carbohydrates. We ate pasta, potatoes and lots of rice. We did not have much money in the food that we ate was an expensive. I was raised in a family where you ate the food that was put on the table and you had to finish everything that was on your plate. 

Through my adolescence all the way through high school most everything I ate consisted of carbohydrates. And as we now know most of the foods that are carbohydrates converted into sugar when they are processed by the body. Even while in college I would eat almost exclusively carbohydrates all day long. Soft pretzels were cheap and readily available so they were my breakfast lunch and dinner while going through college. 

They satisfied my appetite at least temporarily and filled my tummy. I had no idea that they were making me fat and sick at the same time. Even when I was in  medical school I never realized that the biochemistry classes that I was taking were the key to improving everyone’s health and wellness. I didn’t realize that the foods that we eat cause various types of chemical and hormonal reactions and changes in our body. 

And I definitely didn’t realize that the quality of the food affected us as well. Back then I was under the impression that the only way to be physically fit and lose weight was the exercise 2 hours every day. So now my objective is to make everyone realize that the food that you eat is the key to being physically fit, healthy and the proper way to lose weight if you need to lose body fat. 

This is the way that we as humans were meant to eat. And if this program is followed properly almost everyone should be able to lose weight. But again in order for this program to work you have to forget everything that you have been told up to this point. 

So I hope you have an open mind and will accept the wisdom of this information. Remember calories mean nothing in this program is all about the types of food that you’re eating and the hormonal reactions that they cause in your body. The things that we are going to be focusing on the most are the types of food that cause us to gain fat. 

The types of food that when going through the metabolic processes of our body are turned into sugar. When sugar is  present in our bloodstream and in our body this causes her body to produce more insulin and when there is an increase in insulin in our body the food that we are eating is going to be stored as fat. Basically, insulin opens up the doors to your fat cells and invites everything that you are eating to come on in and stay a while, as body fat. Even if you were eating grilled chicken and steamed broccoli, if your insulin levels are high the chicken and broccoli will be stored as body fat. 

So forget about counting calories and get with the new science. The new way to lose weight. In this country of ours and honestly in the entire world more more people are suffering from obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke. The majority of these issues, illnesses can be controlled just by eating the right types of food and controlling the levels of sugar in our body. In this book I’m going to show you how man evolved from being healthy to the ill-fated and sickly people that we are today. 

You will see how the suppose it heart healthy diets are killing the majority of us. I will also share you the hard facts, the science of what keeps us healthy and what foods are specifically killing us. I will show you how to eat for overall health and wellness. I will show you how to be the best physical being that you could possibly be. I will show you what foods that you can eat as much as you want and what foods should be eaten in moderation and also the foods that should be avoided like the plague. 

This is a very tall task but this is my life’s passion.

Saty tuned for more great information and my entire weight loss plan laid out step by step for you.